Pre-Order Policy

Pre-Order Policy

Pre-order an item to secure your piece of collection that has not yet been released in the market and has not yet come into stock in our warehouse. It is particularly important for certain products that have a limited quantity released by the manufacturer/supplier and may sell out during its pre-order period. 


  1. To secure your piece of collection, a deposit amount will be collected during the pre-order period.
  2. Buyer has an option to either pay in full or a deposit to secure an item during the pre-order period and opt to pay the remaining balance after the arrival of the pre-order item or by installment payment plan prepared by us.
  3. Deposit payment collected is STRICTLY non-refundable and non-transferable. 
  4. In the event, if a pre-order item is sold out and or unable to be fulfilled by us, we will then refund your deposit in full. For more details, please refer to our refund policy here.

Cancellation Fee

  1. Any cancellation regardless if the order cancellation was initiated by customer or by ToysRemz Collectibles*1, will incur a fee.  
  2. A non-refundable deposit (NRD) will be used as the cancellation fee.
  3. When a customer makes full payment during the pre-order period, 50% of the total amount collected will be treated as non-refundable deposit and penalty for "change of mind" initiated by customer before pre-order product release. 
  4. STRICTLY no refunds for change of mind cancellation initiated by the customer regardless of payment collected in full or a deposit after pre-order product release announcement and product arrive physically in our warehouse.

*Any overdue payment for more than 12 days after pre-order items arrived in the warehouse with 3rd or final reminder email sent to customer1

Release Date

  1. All pre-order release dates are an estimate and subject to change without prior notice.
  2. These estimations are provided by our distributors and/or the manufacturer and are definitely beyond our control. All pre-order estimated release dates published in our website are the best information that we receive at that point of time.  
  3. Our stock arrival for pre-order items may be different to the release date from the manufacturer due to shipment arrangement and durations that it takes for the stock to arrive at our warehouse.


  1.  Any dispute, or charge back submitted by credit card companies, banks, or any financial institutions to ToysRemz Collectibles to reclaimed a non-refundable deposit, cancellation fees and/or full refund will be given a copy of the agreement of terms and conditions documented at checkout illustrating your acceptance to the terms and conditions set by ToysRemz Collectibles by selecting a checkbox prior to submitting an order. By selecting the check box prior to submitting an order, it illustrates a sale contract binding between you and ToysRemz Collectibles.
  2. Dispute due to lost of parcel or non-receivable upon delivery please refer to our dispute policy.
**Important Things to Note:
  1. We may at any point of time and at our discretion modify the Pre-Order policy with or without notice to our Users. Any modification made will take immediate effect once it was posted publicly. 
  2. Your continuation of use of our site and services following any modification made constitutes your acceptance and agreement to these modified terms and conditions.