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JND Studios Platinum Wonder Woman of Justice League 1/3 Scale Hyperreal Movie Statue (HMS009)

Presenting to you Wonder Woman of Justice League Platinum line by JND Platinum

Justice League Wonder Woman is the first product line up in JND Platinum, a newly launched brand by JND Studios. To give collectors what they've always wanted in certain characters and to give JND artists a chance to fully express their talents, JND Studios has decided to launch a high-difficulty and high-cost product once a year. The goal of JND Platinum is to match the quality of JND existing 1/3 statue lineup and at the same time, to provide collectors the most unique and desirable collectibles, ever.

1/3 JL Wonder Woman was produced with all of its exposed skin to be made in silicone. This took an extraordinary amount of effort, as the structure was newly designed for limb stability. The extra skin surface needed to express all the details of different areas of real skin and had to test the ability for this prototype to be replicated in production. The head was once again designed by Soyoung Lee, who took her exxperience in the previous design for WW84 and used it to portray another portrait of Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman that was just as beautiful as the previous version but with a totally different look and feel.

After a long period of development, KOJUN and team were able to present an amazing prototype. With already proven production qualty history under the belt, collectors can rest assured that JND Studios 1/3 JL Wonder Woman will come out of production as beautiful as the prototype or possibly even better.

**Distributor selling price is predetermined by JND Studios (our direct supplier) that has included shipping fees from South Korea to our warehouse**
**International collectors shipping fees estimation are based on the estimated weight and dimensions given by JND Studios (our direct supplier). Shipping costs are subject to change if actual dimensions are different from estimated dimensions.**

USD $4,348.74